About Us

We are a group of experts that unite great Data Science expertise with programming experience. While we strongly believe that with the platforms available nowadays it would be waste of our time (and hence customer's money) to build a data science solution from scratch in any programming language, sometimes you can save a lot of effort with a specific building block at hand. If one of our consultants in the field is missing a feature direly to work efficiently, our team will simply add it to support him.

As a result you will see here several Extensions for various Data Mining Platforms coming up, as they will come handy for any expert facing a similar problem.

Our Approach

As a company, we are not only believing in Data Science, but also living it ourselves. If we are going out to customers and help them to introduce Data Science as a new asset in their strategic capabilities of their company, we want to know how it feels from first hand. Hence our entire company is not only delivering Data Science but embracing it across over all levels and business processes including the management. We believe that Data Science can help humans where we are worst: Digesting a huge amount of information in an unbiased way. This objectivity that humans will never be able to achieve is one of the gems in Data Science, beside the fact that we can reduce the manual workload by automating repetitive tasks and delegate this boring work to computers.

What is left within our company is a group of communicating experts: Everybody is an expert in his own, regardless whether working in the administration, as programmer or in the fields as consultant. Communication ensures that knowledge gets where it is needed, Data Science guarantees that knowledge rather than feelings is passed. All this needs time and we use the time freed up by automation to continue our path on the way of constant learning and will always work hard on improving ourselves.