Establishing Data Science

Phase 1: Strategic Consulting

  • Bridging the knowledge gap
  • Identifying areas of application
  • Setting up the corporate structure
Strategic Consulting

Phase 2: Training

  • Establishing the right mind set and growing in-house expertise using external experience
  • Finding interested sponsors throughout the company
  • Learning a common language for Machine Learning

Phase 3: Knowledge Transfer Projects

  • Establishing steady knowledge transfer from externals
  • Benefitting from best practices
  • Distinguishing between methods and infrastructure
  • Setting up an internal data science team
Knowledge Transfer Projects

Phase 4: Custom Development

  • Avoiding breaking the tool chain
  • Custom development for special situations
  • Enhancing efficiency in maintenance and development
Custom Development

Phase 5: Expert Support

  • Fast support for complex issues
  • Access to knowledge base
Expert Support


Our software products

Advanced Reporting

Our Advanced Reporting Extension helps you carry out reporting tasks that write into an excel file directly in RapidMiner.


Our Jackhammer Extension is designed for scenarios with a high level of automation and complex structures.


Our Statistics Extension contains features for carrying out typical statistical tasks, including pre- and result processing.