Old World Computing provides professional data science services: Whether it is with our training, specific, data-driven projects or tailor-made software solutions, we are the reliable partner at your side. Our services will support your company in overcoming the challenges of digitalization and industry 4.0.

Artificial intellligence, big data analytics, data mining, industry 4.0 and predictive maintenance... What does all this mean?

I know the basics – but how do I identify use cases and bring data science projects to a successful deployment?

Our Services

Our range of services extends from strategic planning on an organizational and infrastructural level, to the training of your data science team, and consultation or knowledge transfer in long- and shortterm projects. Additionally, you can benefit from our software developments and expert support.

These services are available individually or as part of our overall concept to sustainably establish data science in your company.

During strategic planning, we strive to answer basic questions: To what extent is data science to be integrated into your company? What are the aims of the project? What will happen next after the solution has been implemented?

We offer training both for decision makers, who would like an insight into the possibilities of applied data science, as well as for (future) data science teams looking for more in-depth knowledge.

You have your use case ready and need support for implementing it? We make your ideas reality.

We support our consultation services with specific software development to ensure productivity and high efficiency of projects – tailored to your needs and use cases.

During knowledge transfer projects, we train your data science team in carrying out data science projects by themselves: from identifying a use case, to implementing and deploying the solution.

Even after a project has been completed, we will not leave you hanging: With us, you will still have access to quick help and support.

In order to ensure a successful project outcome and to make sure, data science is accepted by your employees, we have combined our services in one integrative concept. From idea to deployment, there can sometimes be a few obstacles along the way – we know this from first-hand experience. From exactly this experience you now get to profit.

Our Extensions for RapidMiner

We recommend the data science platform RapidMiner for the implementation of our projects. RapidMiner allows for a quick and scalable implementation of use cases while combining comprehensibility with the flexibility of program code. This makes it the ideal tool for data science projects, especially for knowledge transfers and proof of concepts.

We are official RapidMiner partner and develop our own extensions for RapidMiner Studio. With these software products, we simplify the day-to-day tasks of data scientist and extend the possibilities of the RapidMiner Studio platform.