About Us

Foto: © Anke Sundermeier / ankesundermeier.de

Our Vision

Old World Computing GmbH offers professional consultation and services regarding all things data science: from trainings to concrete, data-driven projects and custom-made software solutions – we have been here for you since 2015. We support you with strategic consulting on how to establish data science in your company.

We see our task in enabling other organisations to use data science methods. In order to ensure our work leads to sustainable and satisfactory results for all parties involved, we strive for long-term relationships with our customers, based on respect, transparency, and honesty, and always oriented towards the individual requirements of the customer.

The Team

The team of Old World Computing is made up of computer scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and economists. With this bundled competence, we are prepared for your project in the best possible way.

Foto: © Anke Sundermeier / ankesundermeier.de

Jan Vollmer


Jan Vollmer is economist and controller by trade. Between 2010 and 2014, he was able to use his economic knowledge to predict job market changes and assess consequences of legislative amendment in his position as Advisor to the Federal German Government.

Since 2015, he is CEO of Old World Computing, bringing to the table not only model theory, but also keeping an eye on the intersections to classic business intelligence systems.

Foto: © Anke Sundermeier / ankesundermeier.de

Sebastian Land

Founder and Lead Data Scientist

During his time studying computer sciences at TU Dortmund, Sebastian Land specialized on machine learning and was involved in programming the data science platform RapidMiner. After graduating, he started working at the startup, where he was substantially involved in the development of the platform as well as in sales, support and customer consultation for over ten years.

He left the company in 2015 to start Old World Computing and to establish data science in society.

Foto: © Anke Sundermeier / ankesundermeier.de

Chris Scharpenberg

Data Science Consultant

Chris Scharpenberg completed his master’s in mathematics, specializing in statistics, and taking computer science as minor subject at Ruhr-University Bochum.

He has been supporting the consulting team at Old World Computing since 2017.

Foto: © Anke Sundermeier / ankesundermeier.de

Sigrun Fraunhoffer

Data Science Consultant

Sigrun Fraunhoffer completed her studies in industrial engineering at TU Dortmund, focussing on production management. She has been with Old World Computing as a consultant since 2015.

Foto: © Anke Sundermeier / ankesundermeier.de

Tobias Wiedau

Data Science Consultant

After completing his master’s degree in computer science at Münster University, Tobias Wiedau became an important member of the data science consulting team at Old World Computing in 2018.

Hatem Hamad

Software Developer

Hatem has already contributed very successfully to OWC as a working student while studying computer science at the TU Dortmund University. Since 2020, he has been working for us as a software developer and contributes his expertise to the development of our web apps, among other things. Hatem has many years of very profound knowledge in fullstack software development and expertise both in frontend development for example with JavaScript, CSS and AJAX as well as of different programming languages like Java and Kotlin which he uses in the backend.

Furthermore, Hatem is very interested in current developments in AI research and data science, which is why he is enthusiastically involved in our research project XAPS, which is about the explainability of machine learning.