Customer-specific training course

Course overview

No person and no company is the same; the exception is the rule. With this in mind, our standardised training cannot cover all needs. We therefore offer individual training courses catering to the wants and needs of the customer. These can deal with any areas of data science that we cover in our other training courses, and can also go even further. A mixture of different subject areas is possible, as is the in-depth practice of a particular area you wish to specialise in.

The offer is aimed primarily at customers who already have previous knowledge or for whom only partial areas are relevant. We will be happy to discuss the need (or non-need) for individual training with you directly.

Where possible, we will structure the courses as interactive training that provides alternation between theoretical knowledge and practical exercises.

Course objectives, previous knowledge required and target group

The course, the course objectives and the prior knowledge required are based on the wants and needs of our customers. This specific training can also be organised for different target groups: from the end user to the decision-maker and the data scientist to the advanced analyst, anything goes.


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