Deployment – Predictive Analytics in Live Use

Course Overview

Type of course: Classroom training, duration: 2 days
Deployment - Predictive Analytics in Live Use 
is a two-day training course which teaches how data science technologies can be used with RapidMiner Server in live operation. For this purpose, RapidMiner Server is first introduced as a central platform for the collaboration of data science teams. Building on this, different scenarios are presented as to how data science results can be integrated into business processes and the respective advantages and disadvantages of these scenarios are identified. The different scenarios are then technically implemented through the time-controlled execution of tasks and the creation of interactive web applications as an end user interface.

The course is structured to provide constant alternation between the study of theoretical basics and proven best practices and the practical application of knowledge acquired. Participants will form a data science team that completes the tasks set by the course instructor together.

This course serves as preparation for the training course Predictive Analytics in a Big Data Context.

Course Objectives

The skills acquired by participants of the training course include:

  • Teamwork using RapidMiner Server
  • Administration of user rights
  • Automation of business processes
  • Automatic creation of reports
  • Online deployment of predictive models
  • Defining RESTful Web Services
  • Creating interactive web apps

Training Content

Teamwork with RapidMiner Server

  • Sharing repositories
  • Sharing connections with external systems
  • Worksharing in process development
  • Parametrisation of processes for extended usability
  • Building up process libraries


  • Managing predictive models
  • Live deployment of validated models
  • Time-controlled execution of processes
  • Using RapidMiner processes for web services


  • RapidMiner Studio to expand RapidMiner Server functionality
  • Operating the administrator console in the web interface
  • Control of user rights and roles
  • Configuration of execution queues and job agents
  • Updating RapidMiner Server
  • Automated integration tests
  • Best practices for development, test and live instances

Reporting, Dashboards and Web Applications

  • Static reporting with Excel and the Advanced Reporting Extension
  • Automatic sending of reports with the Jackhammer Extension
  • Visualization of data in web apps
  • Creating interactive environments for ad-hoc analyses
  • Design of web apps for business users
  • Handling model results and forecasts by means of web apps


Previous Knowledge Required

For this training course, you will need the knowledge from the previous courses Basics 1 & 2. If you have already acquired equivalent knowledge from comparable training courses, please contact us.

Target Group

Data scientists, advanced analysts and administrators


After you have attended the training courses Deployment - Predictive Analytics in Live Use, Predictive Analytics in a Big Data Context, and the course on Text and Web Mining, you can take an exam to acquire the “RapidMiner Expert” certificate and show off your new qualification.


Deployment            € 1400 per participant (plus VAT)

Certificate               Free of charge for participants*
*A later examination can be taken online at any time for an additional € 200.

Courses can only be offered where there are at least two participants. We will inform you whether the course can go ahead as soon as possible following your registration.

Information about arrival, accomodations and meals.