Our development team is a supplement to our advisory services. Whether an entire project is to be “cast in code” or only small project-specific functions are to be added to our preferred data science platform RapidMiner: we offer solutions for every challenge.

We offer both code-free and individually programmed solutions for your data science project

code-free solutionscode-based solutions
  • RapidMiner extensions
  • Python Code
  • Java Code

Our development team specializes in adding functions for the data science platform RapidMiner in the form of extensions, enabling the data scientist to efficiently solve problems, even those of a more specific nature, with the tool and without code. Alternatively, we can also implement solutions for entire projects in Python or Java and give the customer the program code resulting from the project for them to continue using and maintaining. For both the PoC phase and the deployment, we also offer server solutions and website development with and without RapidMiner.

What is the difference between code-free data science platforms and individual solutions?

Code-free platforms like RapidMiner already integrate numerous algorithms and functions into modules that are easy to use and can be combined with one another. Owing to the large number of customers who use them, the individual modules can be optimized. Since each module has already been tested and optimized, there is no need to develop any of the existing functions and the project team can concentrate on the actual core tasks. Thanks to their modular design, code-free platforms are usually easy to understand for beginners as the dataflow is represented visually. The cost of having this advantage are the license fees with which the platform’s developers get paid for their work.

In addition to solving the project’s data science problem, code-based complete solutions also require a good software architecture and programming of the individual functions. There is much more to do in terms of development, but the software solution can be designed more specifically and adapted to the problem at hand. This means an increase in efficiency compared to code-free platforms can be achieved, although strong optimization of the individual functions is often outside the budget. There are no license fees for code-based solutions. Instead, the development work and further maintenance have to be paid for.

Code-free platform
  • Many solutions already integrated
  • Easy to use
  • Modular design
  • Easy to understand
  • Continuous further development and optimization independently of own project
  • License fees
  • Unspecialized architecture may lead to overhead for required computing capacity and storage
Code-based platform
  • High efficiency possible
  • No license costs
  • Only understandable for experts
  • High development costs
  • High maintenance costs
  • No independent further development

As part of our strategic planning, we will be happy to help you find out whether using a code-free data science platform makes sense for the implementation of your project, or whether a development project is the better choice.

Whatever the decision, our developers are experienced in dealing with both approaches. This means we can add special functions to RapidMiner where your problem requires a specific tool that is missing, or create individual data science solutions for you with Java or Python.

Our Development creates individual solutions for you. Contact us and get to know our work.

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