Establishing Data Science

In order to support you in the long-term establishment of data science in your company, we offer tailor-made services for the individual phases of introduction. To get everything right straight from the beginning, we start out with strategic planning. Additionally, we offer trainings in which we teach necessary basics to data science teams or decision-makers.

Our consultants can train your team in close collaboration during knowledge transfer projects to allow for a sustainable establishment of data science. Furthermore, we can back our consultation services with project-specific software development. Even beyond the duration of the project we provide quick assistance with our expert support.

Phase 1: Strategic Planning

  • Bridging the knowledge gap
  • Identifying areas of application
  • Finding the ideal placing within the company
Strategische Beratung

Phase 2: Training

  • Establishing the right mind set and build basic knowledge
  • Fostering in-house expertise
  • Learning a common language for machine learning

Phase 3: Knowledge Transfer Projects

  • Collaborative data science project work
  • Profiting from tried and tested best practices
  • Learning to distinguish between infrastructure and methods
  • Building a data science team in your company
Knowledge Transfer Projekte

Phase 4: Custom Development

  • Avoid breaking the tool chain
  • Specific solutions for specfic situations
  • Enhancing efficiency in maintenance and development
Projektspezifische Entwicklung

Phase 5: Expert Support

  • Fast support for complex issues
  • Access to knowledge base
Experten Support