Free Workshop at the Data Science Ruhrgebiet 2019 Congress

10 July 2019 9 am – 5 pm

After the successful Data Science Ruhrgebiet event 2018 organized by BO·I·T, the 2019 congress will take place on 11 July 2019. Additionally, we from Old World Computing will give a free Introduction to Data Science workshop on July 10, and would like to invite all congress participants who are not yet experts on the topic, but would like to get into data science.

“Big Data” and “Artificial Intelligence” are on everyone’s lips these days, but all these new terms can be confusing. In our Introduction Training you will get an overview, learn about those terms and get first insights into the field, no previous knowledge needed – just a laptop with the free version of RapidMiner, the data science platform from the “Pott” as we call the Ruhr area here. By the end of the day, terms like “machine learning” and “predictive analytics” will no longer be a mystery to you – and you will have gained first practical experiences.

Usually this workshop costs a couple hundred to a thousand euros, so it is a valid question to ask why we would be offering it for free. At Old World Computing, we live our mission to spread the knowledge about machine learning and to realize its positive potential. Our most important tool is education on what exactly data science and machine learning and their advantages are, but also on realistic hopes and limits of data science. This is important to us because often, even though many medium sized enterprises are interested in future-oriented technologies, the basics of data science are not really understood and embedded within the enterprise. As a result, badly planned projects are abandoned, the faith in the advantages of predictive analytics is lost. With our efforts to throw light on the possibilities, but also on the limits of data science, we want to establish the right mindset – the predictive mindset– in enterprises and throughout society to make sure that these projects are a success.

“It is our business philosophy to approach the introduction of data science from a holistic standpoint. We do not simply develop a solution for a partner and then leave them alone with it, because the past has shown us that this won’t work. As data scientists, we keep in mind future projects and thus, we are looking to lay a sustainable basis for our customers. Therefore our core task is to train in-house experts and to establish the necessary structures and mindset in the entire company. In our experiences this increases the long-term chances of success considerably”, says Sebastian Land, Lead Data Scientist at Old World Computing.

Education is key to success – with this free workshop, we want to do our part to make data science a success in our home region, the Ruhr Area.

For more information on the congress itself and how to register for the workshop, click here.