How Can Data Science Help Me?

Data, digitization, industry 4.0: To what extent data science can help your company depends heavily on your use case.

In the Beginning There Was the Use Case

We have learned from experience that there are no simple one-fits-all solutions. Instead, every successful project begins with the identification of the use case: the closer its description, the higher the project's chance of success.


Do you need a little inspiration first?

If you do not yet have an exact idea of what your use case might be, we have described a couple of application scenarios here that can serve as inspiration.

Of course you can discuss your ideas and relevant use cases with us in an initial conversation free of charge. Contact us.


Or are you already one step further?

In case you aready have a rough idea of your use case, we have designed the Hitchhiker's Guide to a Data Science Use Case. This questionnaire examines your use case from all possible angles. Filling it in helps us use our experience in the best possible way when supporting you. With the guide, you are able to specify your intentions and gain a more precise idea of what questions come up in the course of a data science project.

An important part of the survey is about data. For instance, data should fulfil certain quality criteria and be plenty enough in order to be able to (e.g.) draw conclusions from it. Without data, there is no data science project.

Do you have any further questions? Feel free to contact us.

Do you want to learn the basics of carrying out a data science project?

Or are you already further along and need help implementing your data science project?

Artificial intelligence, big data analytics, data mining, industry 4.0... all these buzzwords can be quite confusing. A short introduction.