This extension for RapidMiner makes working with relational databases a piece of cake – but that's not all: it brings transaction safety to the data science tool. The included operators are based on established database query languages, without requiring specialist knowledge.

Moreover, tasks concerning relational databases is fundamentally simplified by returning autogenerated IDs which can in processed directly in RapidMiner in the following process.

The Extension

In our projects, we often work with database systems of all kinds. Until now, there was no way to ensure transaction safety with exisiting database operations or extensions in RapidMiner. However, since we are often in need of this critical aspecct of a database system in our work in order to guarantee result safety, we went and put our development team to the task of programming an extension for it.

Who is the Extension for?

This extension is perfect for everyone who requires transaction safety when using databases in their data science project. It also has the advantage of being similar to known query languages such as SQL and facilitates working with relational databases. Another advantage is that the user is free in their decision whether to manually enter the SQL code or build the query with the extension's operators, making it possible to easily and quickly work even without deeper knowledge.

Therefore, the extension aims both at skilled technicians who already have background knowledge about databases and are looking to use the expert functionalities, as well as RapidMiner users who would like to easily and conveniently build database queries using operators.

In our experience, transaction safety becomes relevant in practically all projects using databases, thus making this extension important for basically all such data science projects.


Operator- or SQL-based database queries

  • Query Database
  • Write and Update Database
  • Execute Statement
  • + 14 query builiding operators

Transaction Safety

  • Start Transaction
  • Commit Transaction
  • Rollback Transaction

Autogenerated IDs

Transaction Safety

Transaction safety is a crucial aspects of database systems. It ensures data is left in a consitent state. To this end, the database is locked for other, simultaneous transactions, i.e. overwriting the data, when a write is in process. Furthermore, the data are restored to their original – consistent – state in case of faulty transactions that can happen in the event of an unexpected stop or because of conflicts. Without transaction safety, this can lead to irregularities in the data. Wrong data, overwritten data, and operations influencing each other can occur. Especially for database systems on which read and write operations are executed in very short intervals, this can be problematic.

The extension includes three operators for transactions: Start Transaction, Commit Transaction und Rollback Transaction, with the Start Transaction operator acting as a subprocess for the write operations happening inside.

Start Transaction is the most basic of the transaction operators: all write operations executed in its subprocess are subject to transaction safety. Commit and Rollback Transaction are usable within said subprocess and offer even more exact possibilities to intervene to the user, enabling the completion of individual transaction parts or their rollback.

The Operators

The operators of the extension can be divided into four categories: basic, management, transactions, and query building.

Basic Operators

Query Database, Query Database (Batch), Write Database, Update Database, Execute Statement

Management Operators

List Table, Drop Table, Truncate Table

Transaction Operators

Start Transaction, Commit Transaction, Rollback Transaction

Query Building Operators

If you choose not to use a custom SQL query, you have these operators available to build a query process:

Use Table – Select Rows – Filter Rows – Generate Columns – Group by – Union – Join – Rename Column – Limit – Order by

And as conditions: And – Or – Condition – Equals


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5 named users 1,153.00€ * 2,016.00€ * 2,598.00€ * 520.00€ *
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