Meet Old World Computing at the IBI Symposium 2018

This year’s IBI Symposium will focus on the digital transformation and the competitive advantages created by business intelligence, AI and advanced analytics.Illustration of the Hen or Egg problem Speakers from Deloitte, Daimler, SAP and many more will contribute their experiences in the field.

Meet Old World Computing at the IBI Symposium 2018

Among all the big names, we will be there, too! Sebastian Land will talk about our mission to establish the future of data science and what we perceive as the biggest obstacle in this way: The chicken or egg problem of machine learning.

Many people believe that introducing machine learning is purely a technical problem. But our experience provides clear evidence that it is not even primarily a technical problem.

Unfortunately, the problem itself makes people not notice it, hence the name. As being aware of problems is already a big step to solve them, you might look forward to taking something away from the talk.
We would be happy to talk to you at our booth during the breaks!

The symposium will take place on Thursday, 29th of November from 10:00 to 17:00 in Stuttgart. You can find the details and register at the Event Website.


IBI Symposium 2018