RapidMiner Wisdom 2020: Old World Computing Present Prototype in Boston!

  • New alpha version for building web apps in RapidMiner
  • Web App Builder Extension aiming at end users
  • Extension facilitates quick and flexible deployment

Bochum, Germany, February 10, 2020. RapidMiner is a proprietary software establishing artificial intelligence in companies. It was developed for analytic teams and brings together the entire data science life cycle, from data recording and processing, to machine learning and the implementation of predictive methods. More than 450,000 analysts use RapidMiner to increase their customer’s revenue, save costs, and avoid risks. This year’s RapidMiner Wisdom provides up-to-date insights into data science applications in various fields, cool tips and tricks, as well as latest techniques regarding data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The 9th user conference is currently taking place in Boston from 11-12 February and offers great opportunities to get a better idea of the RapidMiner community and their roadmap.

OWC Presents Web App Builder Extension

With the alpha version of the Web App Builder Extension, the Bochum startup is looking to set a new and sustainable mile stone. Web apps are one way of putting data science models into practice. So far, additional software had been necessary to develop these applications. „With the extension, it becomes possible to build web apps for end users directly in RapidMiner, from start to finish. Thus, the users are able to carry out their work in a familiar environment. Further, they benefit from being able to copy and reuse processes within RapidMiner“, explains Christian König, data scientist with OWC. The user can design interactive web apps with the extension and choose from a range of expandable components. „This includes the up- and download of data and the use of timers, making the content of the web apps modifiable even in real time“, notes König.

Cooperation with Users

Users can freely design the layout of these modules – also in responsive design. Moreover, the new Web App Builder Extension enables authentification and appointment of user roles. Further yet, it allows for integration of charts from highcharts.com. „After our presentation in Boston, interested users can contact us. We would then, in cooperation with them, design a web app in a real-world use case, and parallely refine the extension“, says OWC data scientist Christian König, who will be presenting the extension in Boston, and adds finally: „The download of the extension will soon be possible as well.“

Establishing the Future!

Old World Computing, based in Bochum, Germany, is an agile consulting firm focusing on methods of machine learning and big data. The company is active primarily in industry and the manufacturing sector, automotive, and insurances. Hidden champions of the German mid-tier sector and consulting firms count among their customers as well. Currently, OWC is, among other projects, involved in a research project for the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI), developing a new big data broker infrastructure. The owner-managed company currently employs 13 staff – among them computer scientist, engineers, scientists, and economists.


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