Release of the new WebAutomation Extension

The new WebAutomation Extension by Old World Computing is here!

We are delighted to announce the release of our new WebAutomation Extension for RapidMiner. With this small yet powerful extension you will now be able to process JSON data and utilize REST APIs more efficiently than ever.  

Working with the WebAutomation extension is easy once you understand the core concept. The most exciting feature of the WebAutomation Extension is the ability to produce several, relational example sets from a JSON string, to capture the structural information while maintaining the same table structure independent of input data .

The extension combines this with improved functions to interface with the widely used REST APIs. This way you can not only more efficiently query web services with reduced overhead, but a JSON answer can be directly parsed without overhead. 

Read more about the extension’s features here, where you will also find further information on how to install a demo version off the RapidMiner Marketplace and how to purchase a license from our shop. 

For a first-steps-tutorial for JSON parsing, have a look at our blog. There you will find an introduction to building your first process using the extension’s operators and information on how to extract multiple relational example sets from just one JSON string as well as a short explanation on how to extract scalar values from JSON data. You can also directly open the tutorial process in RapidMiner.