Reminder: Free Workshop at the Data Science Ruhrgebiet 2019 Congress

10 July 2019 9 am – 5 pm

After the successful Data Science Ruhrgebiet event 2018 organized by BO·I·T, the 2019 congress will take place on 11 July 2019. Additionally, we from Old World Computing will give a free Introduction to Data Science workshop on July 10, and would like to invite all congress participants who are not yet experts on the topic, but would like to get into data science.

During this free-of-charge Pre-Congress-Workshop, we want to enable participants to reach a basic understanding of data science in preparation of the talks the following day. For this, we will give an overview of the topic and discuss terms, but also do practical exercises, since everybody will remember firom maths class: the feeling of having grasped a concept theoretically does not mean that it has really been internalized or that you are able to actually apply it. Yet it is precisely this step which is necessary in order to reach an understandig of the new possibilities, be able to identify worthwile uses cases and at the same time know the limits.

As we do not want to strain ourselves with unnecessary tasks, we will entirely forego programming and instead use the data science platform RapidMiner. For this, all participants will need their own laptop with RapidMiner installed. The demo version, which is sufficient for the workshop, can be downloaded here. After the installation you will be asked to create an account, automatically receiving a demo licence valid for one month.

Additionally you will of course need data to do data science. Find it here as a zipped file and extract it into a folder on your laptop.

Click here for more info on how to sign up.