Following our vision to establish data-driven decisions and data science in society, we engage in research projects that bring us closer to this goal. With our research projects, we constantly educate ourselves and participate in current events. This way we have been able to gain very important experience, acquire new skills, and help shape current and emerging technologies.

We have established some very fruitful collaborations with other researchers. We also attend professional conferences to place the topics that are important to us there and to exchange ideas with other researchers.


OPA_TAD (completed)

In this project, a platform and operators were developed to make (mobility) data available and to standardize and simplify their analysis.


SPAA (completed)

With OPA_TAD a possibility was created to make data available to others for analysis purposes. With

SPAA, a procedure has now been developed to make this data available in a secure manner while protecting the privacy of the data subjects.


XAPS (active)

Already automated production processes are to be designed in this research project using methods of explainable AI in such a way that fewer rejects are produced and errors in the processes that have complex dependencies are explained in such a way that the processes can be optimized efficiently and effectively.