Starting 24.01.2022, we will not be offering extension licenses purchases anymore. However, current customers are welcome to contact us for any support requests concerning any of our RapidMiner extensions.
If you are interested in knowing more about alternatives please reach out using the contact form, or directly contact your consultant.

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    Named User: A named user is none other than an individual person. If you have a license for a named user, this means that only this person may and can use the extension in RapidMiner Studio and Server. The license includes the use of the extension in all installations of RapidMiner Studio and Server. The user can create processes in the studio and publish and run them on a server, but users without a license for the extension cannot edit processes that contain operators from that extension.

    A rewriting of the license to another person is only possible during the term by an exchange of the license key. However, this is only possible in justified exceptional cases, for example, if the named user has left your company.

    Company License: A company license allows every employee of the company to work with our extensions. The extension can also be installed on any number of RapidMiner servers of the company. If you are part of a consulting firm, your consultants can use the extension in projects with your customers, but you cannot install them on their servers.

    Year Subscription: A subscription includes license and maintenance for a certain period of time. If you then want to continue using the product, the subscription must be renewed.

    Perpetual License: This license is not limited in time, so you can use the product for as long as you want. It includes maintenance for a period of one year. However, without a separate maintenance agreement, you will not be able to use the latest product updates and will remain with the most recent version available during your maintenance period.

    Maintenance: Our maintenance offer includes support and product updates for one year. While subscriptions always include maintenance, a separate maintenance contract must be concluded for perpetual licenses after the first year of use.