Software products

With our software products, we simplify the everyday life of data scientists and expand the possibilities of the RapidMiner Studio platform. We have learned from numerous business scenarios which functions are needed to optimize the use of RapidMiner in data science projects. With our development team’s help, we have turned these functions into powerful operators and made them available to everyone in the form of extensions.

Advanced Reporting Extension

Our Advanced Reporting Extension provides the interface between RapidMiner and Excel. So that reporting tasks can be performed quickly and efficiently in data science projects, this extension provides all the necessary tools to automatically create Excel reports.


  • Automatic creation of Excel reports
  • Tools for extracting data from tables

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InDatabase Extension

This extension for RapidMiner makes working with relational databases a piece of cake – but that's not all: it brings transaction safety to the data science tool. The included operators are based on established database query languages, without requiring specialist knowledge.


  • operator- or SQL-bases database queries
  • transaction safety
  • autogenerated IDs

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Jackhammer Extension

The Jackhammer Extension simplifies the use of the RapidMiner user interface and provides functions that enable RapidMiner Studio and RapidMiner Server to be used in large-scale projects.


  • Reduces waiting times in the communication with storage media like hard disks and databases through "caching"
  • Accelerates the processing of large volumes of data with "indexed collections"
  • Offers the possibility to communicate with a wide variety of systems by means of "remote file handling"
  • Integrates best practices for efficient project management.

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Statistics Extension

The Statistics Extension extends the RapidMiner Studio platform to include classic functions from the field of statistics. This means that established elements from descriptive statistics can be combined with the benefits of predictive modelling.


  • Integrates various tests (incl. chi-squared test, G-test and T-test)
  • Tools for creating covariance and correlation matrices (incl. Pearson, Spearman)
  • Discretization of data into quantiles
  • Risk analysis (Kaplan-Meier, Flemming-Harrington, Nelson Aalen)

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WebAutomation Extension

The WebAutomation Extension simplifies and speeds up processes involving JSON format. Further, it provides three Request operators that enable you to gather JSON data directly from web services.


  • extremely efficient JSON parsing using the hierarchical structure of the JSON format
  • generate and export JSON
  • create multiple relational tables
  • integrate webservices into processes

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Free Trial Version

All our extensions are available in the Marketplace as test versions with a limited functionality.

Academic License

For academic purposes, we give out licenses to our extensions free of charge. Contact us for more information.