Text and Web Mining

Course Overview

Type of course: Classroom training, duration: 2 days
Text and Web Mining
is a two-day course focusing on the analysis of unstructured data like text documents or web pages. The course covers the entire processing chain from the automated collection of unstructured data and storage in optimized databases to the automatic analysis of the content and presentation of the results.
Participation in the training courses Basics 1 & 2 is a prerequisite for attending this course, as the algorithms learned in those courses are used to solve problems of text analysis. In addition, further statistical methods of unmonitored learning are taught, which offer automatic structuring possibilities for large and unknown collections of documents.
After this course, participants will have an in-depth knowledge about the possibilities of analysing unstructured data with RapidMiner. Participants will also be able to pin down their problems and select the appropriate analysis technology for these problems. This includes the pre-processing of documents, the handling of various natural languages, text classification and text clustering as well as saving and making accessible in optimized text databases.

The course is structured to provide constant alternation between the study of theoretical basics and proven best practices and the practical application of knowledge acquired. Participants will form a data science team that completes the tasks set by the course instructor together. The exercises are carried out on the participants’ personal laptops, meaning they can refer back to the content as a starting point for solving their own challenges after the training course.

Course Objectives

The skills acquired by participants of the training course include:

  • Pinning down and understanding analysis problems
  • Identifying the necessary technologies for the processing of unstructured data
  • Transforming unstructured data into a structured format
  • Applying statistical methods for text classification or clustering
  • Automation of data acquisition and storage 

Previous Knowledge Required

For this training course, you will need the knowledge from the previous courses Basics 1 & 2. If you have already acquired equivalent knowledge from comparable training courses, please contact us.

Target Group

Data scientists, advanced analysts


After you have attended the training courses Deployment - Productive Use of Predictive Analytics, Predictive Analytics in a Big Data Context, and a course on Text and Web Mining, you can take an exam to acquire the „RapidMiner Expert“ certificate and show off your new qualification.


Text and Web Mining   € 2000 per participant (plus VAT)

Certificate                       Free of charge for participants*
*A later examination can be taken online at any time for an additional € 200.

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