Training Course for Decision-Makers

Course overview

Type of course: In-house training, duration: 4h

The Training Course for Decision-Makers is a four-hour intensive course that will provide you with an overview of all areas of data science, enabling you to make strategic decisions when working with this new technology. The three major topics looked at are:

  • Basic concepts & communication
  • IT infrastructure
  • Social aspects


Basic concepts and communication: The course teaches the mindset behind machine learning, which is necessary to understand and realize data science projects. At the same time, a common basic vocabulary is established which is fundamental for the important exchange between decision-makers and data science experts.

IT infrastructure: An overview of current data science infrastructures is provided and keywords like big data, streaming and deep learning are categorized and arranged into an overall context. This will give you an understanding of when it makes sense to use which infrastructure components and which technologies.

Social aspects: Experience shows that a successful data science project requires successful integration into a business context. In the Training Course for Decision-Makers, we give tips and share our experience in order to enable a smooth integration of data science into existing business structures as a strategic capability.

The course is structured as interactive training that provides alternation between theoretical knowledge and practical exercises

Course Objectives

The skills acquired by participants of the training course include:

  • Understanding the way of thinking behind data science - the “predictive mindset
  • Insight into the possibilities offered to your company by data science
  • Understanding which technologies and infrastructure are best suited for which problem
  • Knowledge of strategies for a successful establishing of data science

Previous Knowledge Required


Target Group

Managers, departmental managers, project managers and other decision-makers


€ 2000 per course (plus VAT)