Training Course for End Users

Course Overview

Type of course: In-house training, duration: 4h

This course is specifically tailored for the target group of end users of data science projects. This target group includes all those who use the results of data science projects in their daily work or could benefit from such results. In order for this to work, the course teaches the way of thinking behind data science (the “predictive mindset") in a compact way. End users will be empowered to independently recognize how using data science technologies can make their work more efficient, having been given an overview by this training course as to what possibilities data science offers.
The practical acquaintance with data science technologies and the understanding of the validation methods used can cause end users’ confidence in the results of predictive analytics to grow, enabling data science to be lastingly integrated into business processes.

The training course also teaches end users to phrase their problems in use cases in a way that they can be understood by the internal data science department or external experts and solved in a targeted manner. For this purpose, a common basic data science vocabulary is established and you will learn what to bear in mind when formulating use cases.

The course is structured as interactive training that provides alternation between theoretical knowledge and practical exercises.

Course Objectives

The skills acquired by participants of the training course include:

  • Understanding the way of thinking behind data science - the “predictive mindset”
  • Ability to check provided solutions for correct validation
  • Formulating challenges in use cases

Previous Knowledge Required


Target Group

Professional users, end users


On request