Video presentation: Web App Builder Extension

Presentation of New Web App Builder Extension Now Available as Video

Christian König, Data Science Coach

About two months ago, our Data Science Coach Christian König presented the new Web App Builder Extension during the Rapid Miner Wisdom 2020.

All those who couldn’t be there can now watch his demonstration on the RapidMiner website!

The Most Important Infos about the Extension

  • Extension for the development of web apps directly in RapidMiner – no programming knowledege required!
  • the perfect solution for data scientists who want to be able to quickly show their customers first results
    • prevents costly misunderstandings
    • more transparency
    • more agility
  • web apps can be interactive: modified settings and data are channelled back to the original RapidMiner process
  • representation of tables, diagrams, highcharts and much more in a freely designable layout, timer, data up- and download

Interested in the Web App Builder Extension?

The extension is currently in the alpha stage of development and not yet available via the RapidMiner Marketplace. We’re collaboration with select partners to extensively test and refine the extension. If you are interested in participating as beta tester in the next stage of development, please contact us!  We’re looking forward to your message.

Here you can go on to read our press release, dated 10 Feb 2020, concerning the extension.