How to Establish Data Science as a Strategic Capability in a Company

Undoubtedly, Data Science is one of the most important new capabilities in companies that will shape the future over the next decades. But how to establish Data Science with all its facets from the craftsmanship of big data architecture over the art of business intelligence towards the magic of predictive analytics in a company? Where do you start? Which steps do you need to take when you want to get there? And where actually is “there”?

The Düsseldorf Data Science Meetup invited our Lead Data Scientist Sebastian Land to give some answers. His talk covered over ten years of experience in the field and joins it with in-depth understanding of the involved technologies. Enriched with our practical project experiences at Old World Computing, Sebsastian, a true data scientist at heart, applied his predictive powers to picture possible ways with their chances but also cautioned about probable pitfalls and the cliffs of costly decisions on this journey into the future.

We thank the organizers for the opportunity to speak on such a great event in a great location and hope that the surprisingly many visitors could take home at least some light to shed at their own problems. Thank you for coming!

To preserve the knowledge hopefully gained there, we have made the slides available here.