Advanced Reporting Extension for RapidMiner1

RapidMiner1 is one of the best tools predictive modelling and the automation of data processing making it a very versatile platform for data science projects. Unfortunately most data science projects mutate into pure reporting and business intelligence projects. (See here to see how you could avoid that.) While the resources hired for conducting data science projects and spread the knowledge on data science within a company, all too often the resources are maxed out for regular reporting tasks.

Luckily we have RapidMiner's automation capabilities at hand to get rid of most tasks for data processing. What was lacking so far was an automated way of getting the result of the data crunching into a decent shape to send them around. This extension was written to solve exactly that problem by blending in data from RapidMiner processes into a pre-formatted and designed Excel sheet!

The Extension

The Advanced Reporting Extension for RapidMiner provides a small set of new operators to export data into a pre-formated Excel sheet. The operators can be neatly integrated with any RapidMiner process, including Web Service definitions, so that you can generate the Excel files where and when ever you need them.

The full feature list is available on the right. In general it covers two topics: Getting data into the excel file and transforming the data within RapidMiner.

In general the Open Report operator will begin a report by opening an template excel file. In it's subprocess the Write operators of the extension can insert content into specified areas. Any format, formula or chart will be preserved and recomputed with the new data. Once the subprocess finishes, the excel file is either writen on disk or delivered as file object for further use.

Another operator helps to transform RapidMiner objects into reportable ExampleSets by extracting the tables that a user sees in the result tab of RapidMiner. 

Areas of Application

Can be used to either completely automate any reporting task whose end result is supposed to be an excel file or to generate it with the click on a button.


Excel Reporting

  • Open Report (Excel)
  • Write Data Entry (Excel)
  • Write Cell (Excel)

Data Extraction

  • Extract Tables


Users 1 Year Subscription 2 Year Subscription Perpetual License Maintenance
1 Named User 19 € 29 € 39 € 9 €
5 Named Users 69 € 119 € 149 € 29 €
Company License 150 € 260 € 340 € 69 €


  • Named User: A named user is simply an individual human being. That means if you have a license for one named user, this particular person is allowed to use the extension in RapidMiner Studio and Server across installations as long as only he has access to it. That means this person can create processes in Studio and put the processes on a Server to publish their results, but nobody without a license may modify the processes containing operators from this extension.
    The person may not change over time, unless you ask for exchanging the license key and get the written approval from us. This will only happen with good reasons, for example if the person has left your company, etc...
  • Company License: A company license allows everybody who is employed by your company to work with our extension. The extension may be installed on every RapidMiner Server within the company. That means that as a consultant company your consultants may use the extension during projects with your customer, but may not install the extension on the customer's server.
  • Yearly Subscription: A subscription covers license and maintenance, but is only valid for a certain period of time. That means you need to renew your subscription if you want to continue the usage of this extension.
  • Perpetual License: This is a license that is not limited in time and will allow you to use the program as long as you want. It includes maintenance for one year. If you don't have a maintenance contract anymore, you will not be able to use the latest product updates anymore and are stuck with the last version being published during your maintenance period.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance covers as well support, as receiving updates. Subscriptions always include maintenance, will perpetual licenses need a separate maintenance contract after the first year.

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