Send Mail with Attachment: New Operator for the Advanced Reporting Extension

We have updated the Advanced Reporting Extension with a new operator, enabling you to automatically send an email with an attachment right out of RapidMiner. It goes beyond the standard Send Mail operator by – as the name suggests – providing the possibility to attach a file. It also enables you to send the mail to others in copy and blind copy.

This operator works great in combination with the Open Report operator of the extension: Open Report opens a template Excel file, which you can fill using Write Data Entry and Write Cell in the operator’s subprocess. Afterwards, you receive a target file. With the new Send Mail with Attachment operator, you can save yourself the step of saving this file and then manually composing an email, attaching the file and then sending it. The operator does all this, straight out of RapidMiner. Of course you can also use it in your processes as you need it, for example to automate the sending of files of other types.

Don’t have the Advanced Reporting extenstion yet? Click here to read more about it, including info on licenses, and here for an introductory tutorial.