Speed up your Data Science projects

The performance of Data Science projects n companies often suffers from inexperience with the topic. Following our mission to establish Data Science in the companies and society as a whole, we will support you with your projects to make them a success as soon and efficient as possible. But we are not stopping there, just having the single project in mind: Our consultants will always have the next tasks in mind and help your employees to become experts in their own right, capable of solving all Data Science issues that they might encounter.

Our experience is your benefit...

Our consultants can help you at every stage of a Data Science project. Usually your project will roughly follow the CRISP-DM standard procedures as shown on the right. We have spun this circle many times in various different industries and organizations of all sizes and learnt what questions to asks to understand your business and your data. We know how to prepare the data for achieving a good modelling result and can make sure your evaluation will be accurate and reliable. We can guide you through the deployment, including the always underestimated end user acceptance problem. For us a project does not end before it's acted on the results and return is generated from your investment.

For the most efficient results, we suggest to get an expert involved from the very beginning of a project, because if a project e.g. is based on the wrong data, selected due to misunderstandings or inexperience not any expert called to help at a later point can rescue the project without starting over and beginning from scratch...

...in more than one way

We will not only be solving your problems in a Data Science project. All our consultants are experienced trainers and will organize an effective knowledge transfer over the course of the project, if our customers want to build their own strategic capability in the Data Science area. To have a solid foundation we can built on during the project, we are offering a series of training courses. They provide the basis for communication and understanding during the project phase itself when the more complex approaches and solutions are discussed. Without this common basis there would be a huge communication overhead as all principles would need to be explained under time pressure and in a more complex setting.

If you are not sure how to approach your problems best, we can of course help you with that in the scope of our Strategic Consulting

We will help you

Our consultants can help at any stage of a project:

  • Prepare a project with a preliminary training in the principles of Data Science and the used software and infrastructure
  • Organize a discussion between the business holders, the IT department and the Data Scientists to understand the business problem
  • Decide which set o data related to the business problem is most promising for analysis with the least costs involved
  • Preparation of the data set for the modelling phase
  • Modelling and pattern search in the data
  • Valid evaluation of the models and their expected performance to avoid expensive errors
  • Executing the results by deploying them into automation and end-user interfaces

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